Here, you will get a copper alloy for diverse use either in domestic or commercial applications varying from air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, fluid distribution, air pressure lines and plumbing etc.

We hired a dedicated and skilled manufacture team who uses latest technologies and techniques to design a fitting with smooth surface and impeccable finishing. Apart from this they heat rapidly, hence consume less energy. Due to flexibility, they are easy to install and get jointed together at suitable place. Our copper fittings are available in standard and various sizes.

Elbows:- Available in 90 and 450 angles, our elbows is perfect fitment for angular joints changing the direction of the pipe and have a close radius to fit in the tightest possible space. Many other varieties are available with specific requirements.

Couplings:- Coupling are basically used to connect two pipes of different diameters as well as two identical size tubes together.

Tee:- Tee look like as alphabet 'T' where its top get continuous pipe run and the vertical section is a branch connected to it. Tees is used in various applications and possesses number of functionality. We offer varieties of Tees multiple dimensions like one end having smaller diameter and cross Tees, which are used to connect four tubes or a threaded Tee when the vertical section of it has female threads.